CPF Concours update C

Concours 2016 is well on its way across the country.

For dates check out the Concours page.

Are you a finalist?

Félicitations! You’re on your way to Ottawa, Ontario for Canadian Parents for French’s national Concours d’art oratoire, taking place on May 28th at the Four Points in Gatineau, across from the amazing Museum of History.

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The 2016 CPF Summer Camp listing is here

Download the document today for information on CPF camps running in your community! If you don’t see a camp in your area please contact your local CPF Branch or Chapter for more information.



Board of Directors and Committee Positions

The 2016 Call for Nominations to the CPF National Board of Directors is now open. Submission deadline is May 16, 2016. For more information on how you can apply click here.

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806, 2016

French Immersion offers great opportunities, but it’s not perfect. So what?

On Saturday, The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente posted an article entitled “There’s just one problem with French immersion … well, several, actually”. Ms. Wente in your column you describe, a number of problems with the French immersion program and how it is “too good to be true”. By doing [...]

2604, 2016

A Cause for Celebration: CPF Celebrates 50 Years of FI in Canada

“They call 50 years the Golden anniversary, Nous célébrons aujourd’hui les cinquante ans, To the pioneers and their vision, To the partners and their collaborative efforts, To the parents and their perserverance, To the youth and their courage, Nous levons notre verre et proclamons haut et fort, A toast to [...]

2302, 2016

2016 Membership Survey

CPF National is conducting a membership survey between February 25th and March 25th, 2016. The survey has been developed as an evaluative process to review CPF programs, benefits, events, advocacy and research as prescribed within our existing PCH contribution agreement. Individual survey answers will be kept confidential and will not [...]