The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL), an agency of Parliament of Canada, ensures recognition of the status of English and French, respect for and an understanding of the Official Languages Act in Canadian society.

The Department of Canadian Heritage, a federal government department, works to advance the equality of status and use of English and French in Canadian society. It administers the Official Languages Support Programs, which assist organizations and institutions to project the bilingual character of Canada in their activities.

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) coordinates official-language activities based on agreements between federal and provincial/territorial governments, administers the Official Languages Monitor and Summer Language Bursary programs, and collects statistics on education systems.

Statistics Canada, a federal government department, compiles statistics on education collected by provinces and territories through its Centre for Education Statistics. Its enrolment data presents a snapshot of student participation in second-language programs across the country.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a federal government department, contributes to the awareness among new Canadians of the nation’s bilingual nature and of opportunities to learn in either English or French at Canadian public education institutions.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is Canada’s federal funding agency for university-based research and graduate training in academic areas, including FSL research.

The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) and Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT) support the teaching of second languages in Canada. CAIT promotes French immersion; CASLT promotes second-language education.

The Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC) arranges educational visits for students and education professionals, with a focus on reciprocal exchanges between English- and French-speaking young people.

French for the Future supports and motivates Canadian students on their path towards bilingualism.

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is the national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second language learning opportunities for young Canadians.