CPF National News is a twice-yearly nationwide publication that is sent to all CPF members in Canada.

Issue # 115, Winter/Spring 2013

  • Academically Challenged Students and FSL;
  • National CPF Programming
  • French at Any Age
  • Calls for Nominations to the CPF National Board of Directors

Issue # 114, Spring/Summer 2012

  • View from the Other Side of the Desk: A Parent's View of Inclusion in French Immersion
  • CPF New Brunswick Looks for Leadership to Protect Future of FSL Education in the Province

Issue #113, Fall/Winter 2012

  • The Mary Joyce Booth Endowment Fund
  • Mary Joyce Booth Endowment Fund Application Form
  • Press Release: Robert Rothon Selected As CPF’s New National Executive Director
  • A Message From The National Executive Director: A New Role, A New City, A New Perspective
  • Photo Gallery: The 2011 Annual General Meeting
  • Early French Immersion: The Optimal Entry Point for the Widest Variety of Student Academic Abilities

Issue #112, Spring/Summer 2011

  • ‘If you’re Canadian, why aren’t you bilingual?’
  • CPF Coast to Coast to Coast
  • Careers Using Languages
  • Where Will French Take You Next?
  • The YMCA Summer Youth Exchange Program
  • Allons En France Contest Winner

Issue #111: Fall/Winter 2011

  • CPF ‘Educate! Validate! Celebrate!’ Conference 2010
  • A Message From The President
  • Immersion Graduates Take Control of Canadian Parents for French
  • Executive Director’s Message
  • CPF Publishes Research Report in Support of Canada’s FSL Programs
  • An Open Letter from CPF

Issue #109, Fall/Winter 2010

  • First ever electronic-only format!
  • ‘Taking Pride in 40 Years of Canada’s Linguistic Duality’ by CPF President David Brennick
  • 2010 Call for Nominations
  • 2010 Summer Camp Listings
  • CPF and Social Media
  • Details on CPF’s new contest, Français pour mon succès

Issue #108, Spring/Summer 2009

  • Speaking Up on Behalf of Bilingual Education
  • Rewarding Creativity with a Trip to France
  • CPF National Concours d’art oratoire 2009 – Event Highlights
  • FSL Students Proud to Know French : New Advocacy Video
  • CPF at the Front Lines of Research

Issue #107, Fall/Winter 2009

  • CPF Access to the Future Conference 2008
  • CPF report identifies policies and practices that prevent growth
  • Government of Canada introduces action plan: Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality 2008–2013
  • John Ryan–first recipient of the CPF Volunteer Award
  • CPF Branch Summer Camp Listings – 2009

Issue #106, Spring/Summer 2008

  • CPF National Concours d’art oratoire 2008
  • Next phase of Action Plan for Official Languages must include a clear vision to build on past
  • Slashing early French immersion not a good decision
  • In PRAISE of CPF Volunteers

Issue #105, Fall/Winter 2008

  • Government of Canada is developing strategy for second phase of Action Plan for Official
  • Languages
  • CPF releases 2005-06 FSL enrolment statistics
  • CPF calls on the Government of New Brunswick to maintain successful FI program in
  • Canada’s only bilingual province
  • Summer Camp Listings
  • Speaking French, working in French and studying in French

Issue #104, Spring/Summer 2007

  • CPF National Concours d’art oratoire 2007
  • CPF’s first President Takes us back to our Roots
  • CPF Introduces new Immersion Brochure
  • New CPF Early Childhood Activity Book

Issue #103, Winter 2007

  • Célébrons/Let’s Celebrate” CPF Conference 2006
  • CPF Launches The State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada 2006report
  • Summer Camp Listings

Issue #102, Fall 2006

  • CPF Case Statement Presented to Federal Government
  • CPF National Concours d’art oratoire 2006
  • Process Drama in the Core French Classroom: Using Global Simulation

Issue #101, Spring/Summer 2006

  • 40th Anniversary of first French Immersion model in Canada celebrated
  • CPF Presents Three New Literature Reviews
  • Panel Discussion on teacher shortage challenges in Quebec

Issue #100, Winter 2006

  • Students need facts to be confident to pursue French language courses at post-secondary level
  • President’s Report
  • Future Directions Theme of Annual General Meeting
  • Five $20,000 scholarships to U of Ottawa up for grabs
  • Summer Camp Listings