We are invite CPF members , friends and supporters of FSL education to submit success stories! Did someone tell you that you or your children couldn’t succeed in an FSL program, but you proved them wrong? Did you convince a local school board to implement a much-needed program? Did you help a student or protégé fulfill their wish to become bilingual – or even multilingual?

Send an article of 300 words or less documenting your experience to mbright@cpf.ca. You can help other parents make the valuable decision to choose FSL for their children – a decision that we know they won’t regret.

CPF BC/YK and CPF AB – Launch Where are they now? Video Series

Supported by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon collaborated with CPF Alberta, Radio-Canada, and Canadian Heritage to set out to discover how and what what graduates from French programs of BC, Yukon, and Alberta, are doing today.

To help answer these questions, months were spent searching, contacting, and interviewing over 400 graduates of French immersion, Core French and native Francophone programs in Western Canada and now these powerful personal stories are available to share!

Check out and share this one-of-kind resource that includes videos, curriculum materials, and more.



More Success Stories

Check out the Volume 2 Issue 2 of CPF Magazine for a series of success stories entitled, “How Learning French Helped my Career.”