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I Want My Child to be Bilingual

Outlines the advantages that come with being bilingual through studying in one of Canada’s world-renowned French immersion programs

I;m Learning French Because..  (Bilingual)
Outlines the many benefits of a French-language education for your child. A smart choice!

Stay in French! (Bilingual)
Outlines the numerous benefits of continuing a French-language education. Build on a smart choice!

Today’s Core French Program – An Overview for Parents
Answers commonly asked questions about the core French program, such as what to look for and what to expect.

Math and English-Language Skills for French Immersion Students
Summarizes landmark FSL research studies and describes French immersion students’ results in current testing.

CPF Helping Your Child Become Bilingual – Guide for Members (40 pages)

CPF Helping Your Child Become Bilingual – Sampler (8 pages)

  • CPF Allophone Engagement in FSL Education

    Championing FSL education for Canada's Allophone community

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