Diane Tijman

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Diane Tijman – Director at Large

Diane is a passionate advocate of second language education and her own personal values are strongly linked to the mission, values and vision of CPF. She is a Francophile, and has worked diligently to become bilingual completing her B.A. in French and M.A. in Second Language Education from UBC. She studied in Québec and France and taken DELF training and certification in France.

She has held leadership roles as a FSL teacher in three districts, modern languages coordinator 1998-2010 and English language learning coordinator 2010-2016. She has served as Past President of BC Language Coordinators Association, BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages and Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee, City of Richmond and as a Director of Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers.

Diane has been involved with CPF as a CPF Richmond Chapter member for 22 years, and served as CPF BC Yukon Branch Board member and President from 2016-2018. She believes strongly in investing in board development and leadership training, governance and mentoring of new board members. She is convinced that her children’s success can partly be attributed to CPF collaborating with her school district by providing events and activities in French.


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