National Committees of the Board

///National Committees of the Board
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Please find the list of the CPF’s National 2018-19 Ad-Hoc and Standing Committees with contact details provided below:

Nominating Committee

Kate Peters, Chair (NAT)       
Sharon Lapkin  (NAT)            
Tony Orlando (NS)                 
Mary Em Waddington (BC)  
Debbie Murphy (Staff Support)

Bylaws & Policies Committee                                                                        

Nancy McKeraghan, Chair (NAT)
Rena Prefontaine (MB)            
Gail Lecky (Branch ED, PE)    
Jennifer Abramson (ON)         
Ayo Ogor (ON)                           
Nicole Thibault (Staff Support)

Ad Hoc Committees

Chapter Support Committee – Formerly the Membership Support Committee

Derrek Bentley, Chair (NAT)   
Devin Critch (NL)                       
Karen Pozniak (SK)                    
Susan Brims (AB)                       
Rowan Burdge (BC)                   
Carla Sheedy (ON)                     
Nicole Redford (Staff Support)

Public Policy Coordination Committee

Val Pike, Chair (NAT)               
Richard Slevinsky (NAT)         
Larry Vaters ( NL)                     
Glyn Lewis (BC-YK)                  
Mary Cruden  (Member, ON) 
Lee-Anne Lavell (Staff Support)

CPF Project Working Groups

FSL Research Report Project

Wendy Carr, Co-chair                
Sharon Lapkin, Co-chair           
Diane Tijman (BC-YK)              
Betty Gormley (ON)                   
Paule Desgroseilliers (QC)        
Stephanie Arnott (Investigator)
Mimi Masson (Investigator)    
Sophie Wertheimer (Staff Support)

Other Operational Working Groups include:

  • CPF Youth Network Initiative
  • CPF Network Conference (Halifax 2018)
  • CPF Magazine Editorial Team
  • CPF Performance Measurement Strategy Implementation
  • CPF Volunteer Management and Screening / Child Safety
  • CPF Network Personnel Processes & Manuals


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