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CPF_Kinga_Michalska_small (3 of 16)Sharon Lapkin, PhD, is Professor Emerita at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto. The first research project she worked on at OISE was a meta-evaluation of several studies in the Ottawa region focusing on different forms of FSL (Core/Extended/Immersion) and their outcomes. Since then, she has led or co-directed many research projects focusing on different FSL programs and on second-language learning and teaching.

Sharon holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. She has approximately 100 publications relating to FSL education to her credit, and has supervised the doctoral work of stellar academics such as Callie Mady and Miles Turnbull. She is an outgoing Director of the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers; before joining that Board, she had been awarded the Prix Robert Roy by CASLT for outstanding contributions to second-language teaching in Canada.

In her active retirement, Sharon has done some graduate teaching; she still serves on a Ph.D. thesis committee, and does some academic writing. With other colleagues, she recently completed a CMEC project to identify possible areas of collaboration among provinces/territories to improve FSL programs. These activities and her membership on the Ontario Ministry Advisory Group on FSL help to ensure that she remains up to date on new developments in FSL. Sharon has contributed to past CPF State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada reports, and remains strongly committed to CPF.



  • Research and research supervision
  • Program evaluation in FSL education – core French and immersion
  • Official languages – panelist, speaker, proposal writing

Contact Sharon Lapkin: s.lapkin@cpf.ca


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