Dr. Wendy Carr

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Dr. WENDY CARR – Director at Large

Dr. Wendy Carr (BC) is Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia where she has overseen the teacher education program as associate dean and taught for many years in its French teacher education program after a full school-based career teaching Core French. She has authored a number of FSL classroom resources, teacher professional learning manuals, curriculum documents as well as scholarly articles. She is motivated by inspiring educators to teach French and, in turn, engage language learning.

During her years as a teacher, Wendy facilitated many FSL teacher in service sessions across Canada and maintained a very popular website, mmecarr.ca (now Twitter @mmecarr). When she turned her energies to preservice teacher education, she became aware of the gap in preparation to teach Core French – a required teaching area for elementary and middle-years teachers but one in which most lacked sufficient linguistic or methodological background. Through research and advocacy, she continues to advance the agenda for improved quality of FSL teaching.

Wendy was instrumental in supporting the implementation of Intensive French in British Columbia with the support of Canadian Parents for French and local school boards. She worked as a district consultant to support teachers and administrators and provide information to parents interested in an additional pathway to achieving bilingualism for their children. She has published research articles and chapters on student performance in Intensive French as well as numerous articles and reports on FSL teacher education, recruitment and retention. She is particularly proud of co-editing the renewed CPF State of FSL Education Research Reports since 2017.

She has served on volunteer boards for the past 20 years, including as president of the BC Association of Teachers of Second Languages, vice-president of the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers and Director on the National Board of Canadian Parents for French since 2015. She has also received multiple awards for outstanding service and teaching at the university level and leadership in FSL education at the national level.

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