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Bylaws and Policies

CPF National Bylaws (updated in 2016)

National Policies (Under Review in 2017)
Policies are reviewed and updated by the Bylaws Committee, circulated for CPF Network Feedback and approved by  the CPF National Board of Directors at National Board meetings throughout the year.

The committee has created a National Policy Framework and is currently working to update existing policies and identifying gaps for the development of new policies. An initial policy package will be circulated to the CPF Network for feedback in August 2017.

One of these policies, The Directors and Officers, Selection and Nomination Process has been reviewed. Although the policy has not yet been approved, the following information provides the details of the process being followed for 2017.

Guidelines for the CPF Nominating Committee

Proposed Policies for Review

None for review at this time.

Network Strategic Plan 2015-2020

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National Committees of the Board

To learn more, visit the National Committees of the Board page

National Board of Directors Orientation Guide

CPF Network Board Orientation Manual_Oct2018Final

Executive Directors Manual and Orientation Guide

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National Office Employee Handbook

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National Board Meeting Minutes

January 2018
November 2017
 October 2017
September 2017

August 2017
May 2017
February 2017
November 2016
August 2016
May 5-7, 2016
February 4-7 2016
Jan 11, 2016

The following is an information resource/guide on how to better minute taking skills and best practices: Keeping Minutes – Getting it Down Right


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