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What is the CPF School Self-Assessment Tool?

A tool to help schools and school districts evaluate their support for FSL programs and improve existing support systems to FSL programs. Where schools and school boards do not yet have FSL programs, the Tool provides a model for the development of quality FSL programs.

For whom is the School Self-Assessment Tool intended?

It is intended for schools to have discussions with all stakeholders (parents, teachers, students, administrators) about their FSL programs.

What is the Tool’s purpose?

  • Help schools assess for themselves how their FSL programs are faring;
  • Encourage all stakeholders to engage in productive dialogue; and
  • Help identify actions needed to provide opportunities for all Canadian students to become bilingual citizens.

Who worked on the Tool and how was it designed?

A “self-assessment tool design group” of research consultants and education experts was formed to develop the tool. Working with the school district and school criteria for quality FSL programs prepared for The State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada 2000, a draft self-assessment tool was prepared for use by schools to assess their areas of strength and scope for action. After several revisions, the draft tool was tested in focus groups with parents and teachers. It was further tested in telephone interviews with administrators, students, parents, and teachers as well as through an internal CPF survey. Feedback from both focus groups and interviews served as a validity check on the Tool.

What is CPF doing with the information?

CPF is not collecting and comparing these assessments, but rather is encouraging dialogue among all stakeholders about the importance and performance of FSL programs in their local community.

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