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The School Self-Assessment Tool (SSAT) is designed to help parents, teachers, schools and school districts to evaluate their support for FSL programs and to improve existing practices. Where schools and school boards do not yet have FSL programs, the Tool provides a model for the development of quality FSL programs. The Tool encourages stakeholders to engage in productive dialogue, and to identify actions needed to provide opportunities for all Canadian students to become bilingual citizens.

The SSAT was developed by research consultants, education experts, and parents who worked with CPF-developed indicators of effective support for FSL education originally prepared for The State of French-Second-Language Education in Canada 2000. The Tool was tested in focus groups and interviews with parents, teachers, and principals.

The CPF School Self-Assessment Tool


How to Use the CPF SSAT

  • SSAT Step 1

    Encouraging your School Principal to Participate in the SSAT

    Offering to recruit a neutral facilitator will help to reassure that the discussion will not be allowed to go off track.

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  • SSAT Step 2

    Preparing for the CPF School Self-Assessment Meeting

    Emphasize that this self-assessment will lead to positive change.

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  • SSAT Step 3

    Involving Students in the School Self-Assessment Process

    There are a number of ways in which student participation in the school self-assessment process may be organized.

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  • SSAT Step 4

    Developing Action Plans and Advocacy Strategies

    Developing a formal Action Plan to identify "next steps" will help bring you that much closer to a better self-assessment next year and may help you to resolve long-standing issues with your FSL programs.

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