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On June 2, 2018 thirty-eight of Canada’s best and brightest French second language students from grades 11 and 12 met in the National Capital region to compete in Canadian Parents for French 16th annual National Concours d’art oratoire finals.

The event, which offers over $500,000 in scholarships – from the University of Ottawa, Université de Moncton, Université Sainte-Anne, Université de Saint-Boniface, and Concordia University – is a reminder that year after year Canadian youth want to be bilingual and access to quality French second language programs is an important means to attaining this goal.

As the top 38 contestants from a total of 62,000 participants nationwide, the students competed in five categories ranging from Core French to Francophone. They spoke on topics ranging from the plight of Indigenous women in Canada, child poverty in Canada, the strength of emotional memories, as well as the illegal practice of female genital mutilation in Egypt.

The winners of the 2018 edition of the CPF National Concours d’art oratoire are:

Level 1 [Basic/Core French]
1st Place: Blaise Kikundule (Winnipeg, MB)
2nd Place: Stella Scheckenburger (Markham, ON)
3rd Place: Gurbir Sandha (Edmonton, AB)

Level 2 [Core French Extended]
1st Place: Chan-Min Roh (Regina, SK)
2nd Place: Inez Wirawan (Toronto, ON)
3rd Place: Zeeshan Asim (Sydney River, NS)

Level 3 [Late French Immersion]     
1st Place: Lara Elnagary (Winnipeg, MB)
2nd Place: Tarah Teixeira (Gravelbourg, SK)
3rd Place: Sherry Eskander (Halifax, NS)

Level 4 [Early French Immersion]
1st Place: Kaitlin Gallant (Etobicoke, ON)
2nd Place: Claire-Xi Song (Coquitlam, BC)
3rd Place: Jayden Desjardins (Summerside, PE)

Level 5 [Francophone]
1st Place: Claudia Sassa (Toronto, ON)
2nd Place: Daphnée Auclair (Havre Boucher, NS)
3rd Place: Samuel Farag (Summerside, PE)

Participants spent two nights in Ottawa, and participated in excursions, including a bilingual tour of Parliament Hill as well as a bilingual walking tour of Ottawa’s downtown core.

CPF National sends a final thank you to all participants, parents, judges, sponsors and volunteers that were able to join us for the weekend. Your support is instrumental not only in the success of the Concours d’art oratoire but also in the continued promotion of linguistic duality across Canada.

Canadian Parents for French would like to thank Air Canada for their support by providing a special rate for the travel costs of the participants this year.

This project has been made possible in large part by the Government of Canada.


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