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Two languages, a World of Opportunities: Second-language learning in Canada’s universities, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

This study included in-depth surveys of institutions; focus groups with students and with professors and administrators; and interviews with senior university officials, language-learning experts, government representatives, and private-sector, education, and other organizations. An advisory committee was also established for the study, with representatives from universities, governments and other interested organizations .

OCOL Interactive Map – provides information for non-Francophone students who are interested in studying in French at the university level. Map under update.

CPF/RCCFC Guidance Counsellor Survey

High school guidance counsellors share their opinions about the suitability of francophone community colleges for French immersion and core French students.

CPF/RCCFC Guidance Counsellor Survey

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These charts are designed to help you compare types of support for Anglophone students offered by these universities. All charts are numbered, and correspond with the heading numbers within the university profiles.

Assistance for Anglophone Students Studying in French
Summer Immersion Programs
Opportunities for Beginner French Students
Recruitment of Anglophone Students to Study in French
Financial Support for Anglophone Students Enrolling in French
Social Interaction for Anglophones in French
Exchange Opportunities
Job Placement for Anglophone Students to Work in French
French Language Courses Designed Specifically for Employment Needs
Support for French Language Initiatives
Full Post-Secondary Inventory 2006


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