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CPF National has completed it’s new activity poster for teachers and students!

The activity poster “Canada a Great Place to Call Home/ Le Canada – un chez soi formidable” is a bilingual poster which recognizes the 175 years of responsible Government which led to Canada’s Confederation.

Based on four main concepts the poster focuses on:

  • A government responsible to the people – A Canadian Ideal since 1841
  • Baldwin and La Fontaine forge a partnership in uniting English and French
  • A historical compromise in the spirit of peace, union, friendship and fraternity
  • Achieving independence without revolution

The interactive poster, provides historical background information and questions to help youth identify the similarities and connections between Canada’s past and present.

If you would like your child’s teacher to get a hold of the poster please have them email us at The posters are $10 for a set of 10 with shipping including!

To download a copy of the work page click here: Celebrating Canada’s History: Responsible Government Poster



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