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  • Starting a Chapter

    You can help bring CPF activities to your community!

    Do you live in a community that is not currently being served by a CPF chapter? It could be up to you to start one!

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  • New Activity Reporting Form

    To better understand the scope and impact of CPF’s work, we have created an online activity reporting form to be used by Branches, Chapters and volunteers. Starting in the fall of 2018, anyone who organizes an activity on behalf of CPF is invited to report back by using the form available at this address:  Before completing the online form, you may want to consult these documents for additional information: New Activity Report Form…

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  • Chapter Resources

    Chapter manual and One Pager National Chapter Guide Chapter one pager Is your Chapter hosting a movie night? Please read this document on how to obtain proper licensing in order to show a movie. MOVIE NIGHTS LICENSING is the LAW

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  • Manuals and Insurance

    Branch and chapter tools for CPF office across Canada!

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  • Logos and Templates

    Contact CPF staff to put in a request for logos and more.

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  • Membership Submission Instructions

    Steps to processing an electronic membership submission Membership Submission Guidelines Membership Tools Membership Submission Template Proceed to Submission Form Chapter leaders host an event or run a membership drive and collect the names of new and renewing members.   The template found at contains the proper format for submission. Registration Forms: Whenever possible we encourage electronic registration. …

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