Membership Submission Instructions

///Membership Submission Instructions
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Steps to processing an electronic membership submission

    1. Chapter leaders host an event or run a membership drive and collect the names of new and renewing members.   The template found at contains the proper format for submission.
      1. Registration Forms: Whenever possible we encourage electronic registration.  It improves data accuracy and cuts down on data entry.  If registration forms are necessary, prior to submission to CPF National, the forms must be entered into spreadsheet for electronic submission.  This can either be done at the Chapter or Branch.  Acceptable file types are Excel, .csv or Google Sheets.
      2. Electronic Registrations: The fastest and most accurate way to run an event or a membership drive is to have members register online.  This improves accuracy and cuts down on the need for data entry.
        • CPF website – For membership registrations directing members to self-register on the CPF website is the quickest and most efficient method of registration.  Payment is collected on the site and the membership registration or renewal is complete as soon as payment is approved.
        • Online tools – For events there are a number of free or cheap online services that can be used to collect payments and registrations.  If you don’t currently have a system in place check these out.
    2. A spreadsheet is submitted to National office through the CPF website at must clearly state the Chapter name, Chapter contact and payment information.  Upon receipt of submission, the Chapter leader and Branch contact will receive confirmation that a membership list has been received. If any information is missing or unclear, processing time may be affected. (Submission template)
    3. Payment must accompany a spreadsheet and be clearly labeled with the corresponding Chapter.  Membership applications will not be processed until full payment is received. If paying by credit card – contact Cheri Nixon (613-295-5426) or to provide the credit card information.  If payment is made via cheque, the memberships will be processed once the cheque arrives.  This will add additional processing time.
    4. Electronically submitted applications will be processed once a week.  All complete submissions received from Monday – Friday will be processed on the following Tuesday.  In case of holiday, absence or office closure, applications will be processed on the next business day.  During busy periods (ie Conference or Concours) processing times may be affected.  CPF National will advise if there are any anticipated processing delays.
    5. Upon completion of a membership registration or renewal, the member will receive an electronic welcome on the next day.  Mailed welcome packages are sent once a month from the mailhouse.

Expected turnaround time from email submission date to mailed welcome package:  4-6 weeks
Our goal is to work towards under 4 weeks.  A “check” will be conducted about 3 months and reports provided 2 times a year.  Regular communications and feedback between National and the test Branches is welcomed to improve the data collection process.

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