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$50 marks 50 Years of the Official Languages Act

2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Official Languages Act. 
In honour of this milestone anniversary, CPF invites our supporters and bilingualism advocates to pledge $50 to:
  • Support linguistic duality, a Canada where French and English are an integral part of daily life. 
  • Continue to offer additional FSL learning opportunities to youth across Canada
  • Advance advocacy efforts on behalf of universal access to FSL education in every community.


How can you make a difference?


Every contribution, big or small, helps us champion the opportunity to learn and use French for all those who call Canada home.

Thanks to donors like you, we can facilitate additional youth projects and learning opportunities throughout the national network and inspire members to become active advocates and leaders in their communities. Add your voice to our growing national volunteer movement.

As an organization, we remain truly grateful for your generosity.


  • Create and promote opportunities for youth to learn and use French as a second official language
  • Support a collaborative network of parents, members and volunteers
  • Inform and influence decisionmakers
  • Lead a dynamic, strong and effective organization


  • Satisfaction – knowing you support something you believe in
  • Adding your voice to a growing volunteer movement
  • Contributing to popular CPF youth programs


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You decide where your donation is invested. 100% of your donation will fund:

  • A Youth Learning French Endowment
    Mary Joyce Booth Endowment
    The Mary Joyce Booth Endowment supports youth learning French projects and additional learning opportunities throughout the national network. Since 2010, the Mary Joyce Booth Endowment has supported projects that benefit youth directly such as camp registrations, exchanges, extracurricular clubs, and scholarships to specific programs nationwide.
  • A Volunteer Leader Advocacy Support Fund
    CPF Legacy Fund
    CPF’s Legacy Fund, is an initiative that inspires members to become advocates and leaders in their communities, and to take action for positive measures to support and enhance Canada’s bilingualism.

Minimum Donation: $10

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