Research Bibliographies – FSL education.

///Research Bibliographies – FSL education.
Research Bibliographies – FSL education.2018-03-05T19:17:48-05:00

These bibliographies contain references to and findings from selected research studies addressing current issues in FSL education and second-language acquisition.

The bibliographies are for the use of parent advocates, educators, school districts and FSL researchers.

Academically-Challenged Students and French-Second-Language Education

Addressing Charges of Social Class Elitism

Benefits of FSL Education – Bibliography

Comparison of Student Attitudes and Performance in Immersion Centres and Dual Track Schools

Comparison of Student Performance in EFI & Partial Immersion Programs

Empathy and Intercultural Communication Competence – CPF Magazine Article

Employment Benefits

First Language Use in the Second-Language Classroom

Gender Differences in French immersion

Immigrant Students and French-Second-Language Education

Importance of Culture in Second-Language Teaching and Learning

Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities

Intensive French Selected References June 2016

Merits of Early French Immersion Programs

Performance in Early French Immersion and Partial Immersion

Teaching Math in French Immersion Programs

Understanding Attrition from French Immersion Programs






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