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What’s in the database?

We currently have studies and articles from the past thirty years that investigate issues including:

  • The benefits of second language education
  • Interaction between first- and second-language skills
  • Teaching and learning strategies in French-second-language (FSL) programs
  • History of FSL education in Canada
  • Comparisons of various French immersion and core French program options
  • Student performance in FSL programs
  • Academically challenged students in FSL programs

This database is a good starting point for finding information about FSL issues that interest you. While copyright regulations prevent us from providing more than a summary of each article, we have reported as much bibliographic and contact information as possible, so that you may reach the publisher directly if you are unable to locate the material in a local library. The database may be searched by author or by keyword (topic).

You may also contact for assistance using the database or for assistance finding studies or topics that are not in the database records.

Who can use the database?

CPF members are entitled to exclusive search privileges of this electronic catalogue.

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