CPF Network Strategic Planning Initiatives

//CPF Network Strategic Planning Initiatives

CPF Network Strategic Planning Initiatives

Strengthening our Network – A Framework for Collaboration 2017-2020
Canadian Parents for French Network Strategic Plan 2015-2020
Branch Strategies Template (January 2016)
Chapter Strategies Template (January 2016)
Scorecard Performance indicators Template (October 2015)
SPC Action Plan Template (October 2015)

Strategic Plan Implementation Support Resources

Living Into Your Strategic Plan: A Guide to Implementation That Gets Results, The Bridgespan Group, New York – Hadley, J., Lanzerotti, L., Nathan, A.

  • About 10 pages – 6 steps described
  • Covers: how to start, implementation steps, templates, evaluation

Implementing a Strategic Plan, Innovation Insight Series # 21 – Pennsylvania State University (2009)

  • Point person for each initiative
  • Link to daily activities

Strategic Implementation: Managing Performance, Execution and Implementation Process  – S. Sage (2015)

  • About 2 pages. Covers: pitfalls, preparation, and implementation

Years of Action 2013-2017, Toronto, ON – Toronto District School Board (2013) 

  • Priority
  • “We will…”
  • “Our actions will result in…”

Making Strategy Happen – Shand, J. (2010), Charity Village

  • Change the board’s agenda and meeting focus
  • Recruit Champion
  • Ownership of ‘to do’ list
  • Temper ambition

On Strategy Videos

Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

What is Strategic Planning – Really?

CPF Strategic Plan Implementation Video

CPF Strategic Thinking with audio


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